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HIST 4050 Beyond Ricci:Christian History in China Since 1552 (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course examines Christianity in China from 1552, referencing the role of Jesuits during the late Ming-early Qing dynasties. It also integrates the Spring 2011 Burns Library exhibition - Binding Friendships: Ricci, China and Jesuit Cultural Learnings. Students consider the growth of the Chinese Christian communities as well as issues of cross-cultural exchange, in terms of religion and (perhaps surprisingly) also in disciplines like science, map-making, diplomacy and art. Topics include the decline of the Portuguese padroado, French expansionism and life since 1949. Students also participate in building an online site that responds to the exhibition.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): Jeremy Clarke

Prerequisites: History Core.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Fulfils the Non-Western Requirement for History majors

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17