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HIST 2042 All Under Heaven: Religion and Politics in Early China (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

The world of early China - from the 8th century BCE through the 3rd century CE - was a place teeming with political upheaval and religious innovation. Great thinkers like Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi, Han Feizi, Laozi, and Zhuangzi labored to prescribe political and ethical visions that could correctly situate human beings and society within a larger world filled with warfare, natural forces, and supernatural beings. In this team-taught course, we will read primary texts in historical context to tease out the debates that combined political, ethical, and cultic patterns that formed the foundations of imperial China.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): Ling Zhang
Department of History
David Mozina
The Department of Theology

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with:

Comments: Fulfills the Non-Western Requirement for the History Major

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17