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GSOM 8824 Investment Management (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

CIRM2 focuses on forming investment teams to respond to a live RFP from the BC endowment to manage actual investment accounts. 4 teams are formed to respond to the RFP and then to prepare a finals presentation to a board of investors including endowment staff. 2 of the 4 teams are chosen by the board as winners and invited to manage 1 live account each in CIRM Phase 3 in the spring. Each team organizes its members into rolls such portfolio managers, analysts, etc. in order to respond to the RFP and build a finals presentation. There is very little theory covered in CIRM2. Students should have already been exposed to Modern Portfolio Theory, the Efficient Market Hypothesis, fundamental statement analysis and various valuation techniques. Each student will be assigned companies to research and follow and will write recommendations and earnings reports on those companies. Professionals from across the investment management spectrum, including CEOs, visit the class as guest lecturers.


Prerequisites: None

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