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FILM 2230 Introduction to Video Art (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Introduction to Video Art is an Art course examining video as a medium for artistic expression and conceptual inquiry. How can we use video to ask questions about ourselves, our viewers, or our world? Responding to instruction about video, sound, and editing techniques, students produce multiple assignment based video art pieces and a self-designed final project. Class sessions are comprised of screenings, discussions, technical demonstrations, and group critiques of students' projects. Screenings and readings cover a variety of topics, including: past and present video art, experimental/expanded cinema, performance art, art in the age of digital culture, and philosophical and sociological topics. Readings, screenings, and discussions are designed to provide a conceptual basis for students' video art projects, while critiques and writing assignments provide a forum for dialogue

Instructor(s): Sheila Gallagher
Jennifer Friedman

Prerequisites: Students should have taken at least one studio or film class.

Cross listed with: ARTS2230

Comments: Lab fee required.

Last Updated: 12-Feb-18