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ENVS 3356 Seminar in Environmental Law (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

Topics to be covered include: (1) the Clean Water Act and the Boston Harbor cleanup; (2) the RCRA hazardous waste regulations; (3) contaminated (brownfield) site cleanups; and (4) the Flint water crisis, so as to understand how environmental protection still can fail and how more still needs to be done. This course will emphasize the practical aspects of environmental law and policy, including by having several written exercises and a term paper. This course will be useful both for pre-law students and also for any student with a serious interest in environmental policy. This seminar is for juniors and seniors, and sophomores with permission of the instructor.

Instructor(s): Jeffry Fowley

Prerequisites: Must have successfully completed ENVS/UNAS2256 Environmental Law & Policy.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Will count as an elective for Environmental Studies majors and minors. Will count toward the Food and Water Sustainability concentration in the Environmental Studies major.

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17