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ENGL 9928 Ph.D. Seminar: Sex, Gender, and the Body (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

In this seminar we will explore the multiple notions of sex and gender circulating in early modern England. Through readings of medical, literary, religious and popular texts, we will analyze the larger cultural and political tensions that inform these works as well as the main scholarly debates that have shaped and currently are shaping their reception. Topics include: early modern anatomy; pornography; homoeroticism; cross-dressing; pregnancy; the relationship between feminism, queer studies, and masculinity studies. Sample texts: Thomas Laqueur's Making Sex; John Lyly's Gallathea; Margaret Cavendish's Convent of Pleasure; Edward Marlowe's Edward II; Jane Sharp's The Midwives Book.

Instructor(s): Caroline Bicks

Prerequisites: None

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