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ENGL 8825 Composition Theory and the Teaching of Writing (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course is designed to (1) prepare graduate students to teach introductory, college-level writing courses; (2) introduce students to central issues, problems, and theories in Composition studies; and (3) encourage students to examine the interanimating relationship between critical theory, practical writing experience, and the teaching of Comp/Rhet. Though the emphasis is on central, nuts-and-bolts tasks in the teaching of writing (e.g., designing assignments, responding to student essays; selecting texts for discussion; etc.), this is not a prescriptive "how to" course; students are asked to consider pedagogical issues and choices in Composition studies from a variety of personal and theoretical perspectives.

Instructor(s): Lad Tobin

Prerequisites: None

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Comments: Department Permission required

Last Updated: 06-Feb-18