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ENGL 7763 Modern British Fiction (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

This course will consist primarily of novels by authors such as James, Ford, Conrad, Joyce, Greene, Lawrence, Forster, Woolf, and possibly Barnes. We will also examine critical essays on specific novels as well as writing on modernism in general, including James's "The Art of Fiction" and Woolf's "Modern Fiction." We will read classic works such as Joseph Frank's "Spatial Form in Modern Literature," Ortega y Gasset's "The Dehumanization of Art," and Lukcs' "The Ideology of Modernism." Themes such as interiority, subjectivity, epistemology, ambiguity, form and content, empire, and distinct ways of rendering the flood of human experience will be featured.

Instructor(s): Frances Restuccia

Prerequisites: None

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