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ENGL 7747 Sex, Gender, and the Body in Early Modern England (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

This graduate seminar explores the fluid conceptions of sex, gender, and the body that were circulating in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century texts—everything from the medical to the pornographic, from poetry to pamphlets. Topics and texts include: early modern anatomy (excerpts from Crooke, Culpeper and Sharp among others); the transvestite stage (John Lyly, Gallathea); the “virgin” body (Queen Elizabeth’s writings and Middleton and Rowley, The Changeling); the relationship between passion, mind, and body (the poems of Philip Sidney, Shakespeare, and Mary Wroth); same-sex desire (Marlowe, Edward II; Margaret Cavendish, The Convent of Pleasure); and the pornographic body (Nashe, Choise of Valentines).

Instructor(s): Caroline Bicks

Prerequisites: None

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