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ENGL 7714 Writing the Self in Early Modern England (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

A graduate seminar exploring modes of self-representation in early modern England, from portraits and personal ornaments to experimental literary forms (diaries, eye-witness accounts, martyrologies, early "lives," histories and chronicles, "defenses"). We will consider the lives (and representations) of sixteenth and seventeenth-century martyrs, royals, poets, statesmen, scientists and bigamists, among others. How is selfhood performed, re-enacted, and reformed in the period? How do early modern anxieties about the contingent nature of selfhood help to shape nascent forms of autobiography and biography? Works by More, Foxe, Hoby, Clifford, Walton, Cavendish, Pepys, and Carleton, among others.

Instructor(s): Amy Boesky

Prerequisites: None

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