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ENGL 7707 W.C. Williams and Wallace Stevens (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

Two American poets, two Modernists, who between them shaped the course of American and world poetry over the past century. From the 1910s through the 1950s, we will watch as these two interact and develop the possibilities of the Imagination, one coming to identify with the clamoring world around him, the other with the multivalent possibilities of the world within, and then back again as language dictated. Among texts by Williams we will examine Kora in Hell, Spring & All, In the American Grain, An Early Martyr and Other Poems, Adam & Eve & The City, The Desert Music, Journey to Love, and Pictures from Brueghel, and his epic, Paterson (1946—1958). Among texts by Stevens we will examine Harmonium, Ideas of Order, The Man with the Blue Guitar, Parts of a World, Transport to Summer, The Auroras of Autumn and his late poems.

Instructor(s): Paul Mariani

Prerequisites: None

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