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ENGL 6003 American Modernisms (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This seminar will explore strategies employed by American writers between the first and second world wars to construct the modern subject in a world threatened by literal and metaphorical violence. We will focus on issues including trauma, sexuality, domestic space, technology, popular culture, race, bodies and objects. Along the way we will explore: 13 ways of looking at a blackbird; how to build a coffin in 13 steps; how Chanel No. 5 relates to Wallace Stevens’s poems; the “dream dump” of Hollywood culture; the dark landscapes of modernism (gangsters, waste lands and whorehouses); racial homelessness and exile; the trauma of modern warfare (or, how to get blown up while eating cheese); pregnancy, childbirth and abortion; dirt and desire.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): Laura Tanner

Prerequisites: None

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