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ENGL 4917 Advanced Poetry Workshop (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This is a workshop for those who already have some experience writing poetry, and who wish to work intensively on matters of craft and revision. Students will produce roughly two poems a week, responding to each other’s drafts in workshop discussion. Though the bulk of class discussion will be about student writing, some class time will be devoted to a discussion of useful models and what they can teach us about strategy and craft. Short in-class exercises will be given weekly as prompts to begin the writing process. In ongoing consultation with the instructor about which poets might interest them most, students will devise their own reading list of contemporary poets and keep a response journal. In at least two conferences over the semester, each student will be given individual feedback on a packet of revisions. The final project will be a chapbook of revised poems produced over the semester, culled from drafts produced in and out of class.

Instructor(s): Allison Adair

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with:

Comments: No application process or prerequisite is required, but previous workshop experience is advised.

Last Updated: 12-Feb-18