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ENGL 3307 History of the English Language (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course provides a cultural history of English over 1500 years. We examine basic linguistic processes (meanings, sentence structure, sounds, spellings, word formation); follow the phases of English (Indo-European, Germanic, Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English, Modern English), and interrogate notions of correctness, "standard"/"non-standard,” "literary" language, simplified language, spelling reform, pidgins and Creoles, the increasing dominance and variety of English around the world, and the powerful influence of cyberspace. Along the way, we will read historical events such as invasions, political and intellectual revolutions, immigration, emigration and cultural assimilation as shaping forces in the living entity of the language.

Instructor(s): Robert Stanton

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with:

Comments: Satisfies Lynch School of Education Requirements for English Majors (HEL/Grammer/Syntax) The class will be held at the days and times indicated.

Last Updated: 29-Jan-18