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ENGL 3003 Horror Stories (Spring: 1 )

Course Description

However supernatural or extreme, Gothic Fiction is always about our human selves. This one-credit course will explore human/post-human ideas in three novels about “monsters”: R. L. Stevenson’s Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886), Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire (1976), and Alden Bell’s The Reapers are the Angels, a recent (2010) novel described by one reviewer, approvingly, as “like Flannery O’Connor with zombies.” We’ll consider contemporary ideas about what the Victorians are obsessing about in the Jekyll-Hyde concept, what post 1960’s Americans are responding to in Rice’s influential development of the vampire, and especially, what things might be fueling the 21st century’s fascination with the “zombie apocalypse.” The course will meet in seven two-hour seminars about these texts: in an eighth seminar students will report to each other on individually self-chosen Gothic novels. Film and TV texts are possible here, with some consultation. Two short papers.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): Judith Wilt

Prerequisites: None

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