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ENGL 2269 Medicine and Literature (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Works by creative writers who were members of the medical profession; representation of medical issues in literature. An examination of European and Anglo-American literature in combination with a discussion of contemporary biomedical scholarship will enable students to understand the intimate connections between artistic creativity and the challenges of medicine and healing. This course should be of particular interest to premed students. The authors include: Albert Camus, Anton Chekhov, Ray Bradbury, Mikhail Bulgakov, Ernest Hemingway, Milan Kundera, Sinclair Lewis, Thomas Mann, W. Somerset Maugham, Boris Pasternak, Abraham Verghese, William Carlos Williams and others.

Instructor(s): Maxim D. Shrayer

Prerequisites: No Prerequisites.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Course offered annually; All works read in English

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17