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EESC 4490 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

The course emphasizes methods of geological interpretation of remotely sensed image data. Students challenged with a series of images from which the group must, with guidance, draw relevant conclusions about the geology and geomorphology of the area represented. Projects are based on spatial data in paper or digital format including topographic or bathymetric maps, digital elevation models, aerial photographs, satellite images, subsurface images, scenes from the seafloor, and other planets. Methods of digital image processing and enhancement are discussed. Grades are based on projects that will consist of written reports, maps, processed digital images, and interpretive cross sections.

Schedule: Biennially

Instructor(s): Noah P. Snyder

Prerequisites: EESC1132. EESC1132 (Exploring the Earth) and/or EESC2200 (Earth Materials).

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