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EESC 3312 River Restoration and Management (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

This course focuses on one of our most fundamental resources, rivers, and the science behind management and restoration. Rivers, floodplains, and wetlands transfer sediment, nutrients, and contaminants, while providing ecosystem services such as species habitat, clean water resources, hydroelectricity, transportation, and recreation. Subsequently, there are many stakeholders and goals for management and restoration projects. We will investigate qualitative, quantitative, and statistical methods used to understand the exciting complexity of river processes and applications of these methods to management plans. Furthermore, we will explore how restoration of river form is related to aquatic habitat restoration in the channel and surrounding wetlands.

Instructor(s): Gabrielle David

Prerequisites: EESC1132. With permission of the Instructor. EESC1132 or EESC1170 or EESC2203 or by permission of instructor.

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