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EDUC 7610 Clinical Experience (Fall/Spring: 6 )

Course Description

A semester-long, full-time clinical experience for advanced level students working in schools in a professional role. Covers the following graduate licensure programs: Reading, Moderate Special Needs, and Intense Special Needs. Placements are selectively chosen from schools in the Greater Boston area and designated international settings. Apply to the Office of Practicum Experiences and Teacher Induction during the semester preceding the placement by March 15 for fall placements and by October 15 for spring placements.

Instructor(s): Melita Malley
Fran Loftus

Prerequisites: Approval by the Practicum Office, good academic standing, and successful completion of all undergraduate practicum regular education teacher certification requirements.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Candidates who intend to complete the specialist practicum in their own classroom or in a paid internship must meet with the Director as soon as possible to ensure that the responsibilities of the position are aligned with the license the candidate is seeking.

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17