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ECON 3392 Quantitative Methods in Environmental Economics (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the use of quantitative methods in environmental and energy economics. The emphasis will be on top-down and bottom-up modeling of integrated economic and environmental systems. For this purpose, the course starts with a brief review of the basics from microeconomic theory, calculus and linear algebra, which is followed by the conceptual foundations of economic modeling and the applications of optimization techniques on environment-energy related problems. While the main focus of this course is on the use of optimization modeling for problems within the environment-energy-economy nexus, it also provides a very sound perspective in how to use these techniques in any other kind of economic and managerial decision making, which has becoming an increasingly sought-after skill for college graduates. Basic linear algebra recommended, but not required.

Instructor(s): Gokce Olcum

Prerequisites: Calculus I and microeconomic theory.

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