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ECON 3376 International Economic Relations (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course introduces the study of economic relations among countries. It combines material contained in ECON3371 and ECON3372, and substitutes for both those courses. Primarily designed for international studies majors, it is also appropriate for economics and other social science majors, with the proviso that the comprehensive coverage of the course implies that the workload is heavy and expectations for students are high. Topics include the determinants of trade in goods, services, and capital; the economic policies that nations use to influence such trade; the theory and practice of international macroeconomics; and problems of coordinating macroeconomic policies among countries. The course features the usefulness (and limitations) of game theory for explaining international economic interactions.

Instructor(s): Eyal Dvir
James Anderson

Prerequisites: ( ECON2201 OR ECON2203 ) AND ( ECON2202 OR ECON2204 ).

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