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ECON 3358 Industrial Organization, Creation, and Strategy (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course is designed as an introduction to industrial organization with special emphasis on entrepreneurship and strategy. We will discuss various types of market structures and business methods. The lectures will largely be theoretical (i.e., mathematical) but also include discussions of real-world firms and industries. A working knowledge of microeconomic theory and comfort with basic calculus are necessary for success in the class. A series of guest lecturers will present first-hand accounts of their experience as entrepreneurs/small-business owners. Students will work in groups to read and present popular press, non-fiction books on various techniques and approaches to business. The semester will conclude with the student groups presenting a business plan for a new start-up company.

Instructor(s): Tracy Regan

Prerequisites: ( ECON2201 OR ECON2203 ).

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