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ECON 3355 Topics and Case Studies in Antitrust Law and Economics (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

The primary aim is to examine government regulation of the behavior of firms and consumers within the context of issues classified as antitrust and regulation. The course will consider the various ways in which government attempts to alter socially undesirable business behavior through the use of antitrust legislation, industry regulation, and social regulation. The course will review basic concepts of industrial organization, such as monopoly and oligopoly. It will then study socially undesirable firm behavior that may be remedied via antitrust legislation. Finally, the course will analyze situations where government regulation is economically desirable and implemented.

Instructor(s): James Dalton

Prerequisites: ( ECON2201 OR ECON2203 ) AND ( ECON1151 OR OPER1136 OR OPER1135 OR OPER1145 OR OPER1137 ).

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