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ECON 3354 Advertising and Media Markets: Advanced Research Methods (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

This course develops advanced research methods to study the advertising and media markets. The goal of the course is to provide hands-on experience with advanced research methods, including the ability to analyze and critique previous research and to identify important research questions. The course is designed primarily for junior economics majors who are interested in writing a senior thesis, or for junior and senior economics majors anticipating quantitative work in economics or marketing after graduation. Methods that are taught include theoretical tools from industrial organization, such as game theoretic models of imperfect competition, pricing, and entry, as well as statistical and empirical methods of analysis using data on advertising and media programming choices. Questions addressed in the course include the following: What is the impact of advertising on product markets? How do advertisers compete for air time, both across and within industries?

Instructor(s): Julie Holland Mortimer

Prerequisites: Micro theory and statistics required. Econometrics required but can be taken simultaneously.

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Comments: Extensive research project.

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17