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ECON 2273 Development Economics (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course considers what we know about developing countries, and applies economic theory to help us understand the constraints of poverty. We will describe the economies of less developed countries and the lives of the poor, focusing on changes in poverty, inequality, demography, and health. We will consider theories and evidence for why some countries are rich and others poor. We will examine how land, labor, and credit markets function in poor countries and communities, and the consequences for health, education, and child labor. We will consider migration and its consequences and will discuss aid and international institutions.

Instructor(s): Anant Nyshadham

Prerequisites: ECON1131 AND ECON1132 AND ECON1151.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Not open to students who have completed ECON3374 or ECON3375. Fulfills cultural diversity core requirement.

Last Updated: 04-Oct-18