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CSCI 1103 Computer Science I Honors (Fall/Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This is the honors introductory computer science course. The course is organized around three themes: (1) computation, as a subject of study, (2) coding, as a skill and (3) computer science, as an introduction to the field. The first half of the course explores computation from a simple mathematical perspective. From this point of view, computing can be understood as a natural extension of basic algebra. Midway through, the course turns to a machine-oriented view, considering storage and processor architecture, mutation and mutation-based repetition idioms. The course explores a number of fundamental algorithms with applications in various disciplines. Good program design methodology is stressed throughout. The course is taught using the OCaml programming language. (OCaml is closely related to the F# and Swift programming languages.)

Instructor(s): Robert Muller

Prerequisites: No formal prerequisite, but some experience with computers is helpful. The class consists of a lecture and a discussion group. When you register for the lecture you are required for one of the corresponding discussion groups.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Students will be well prepared for the following-on course CSCI 1102 Computer Science II. Students who are unsure about the fit should consult with Professor Muller.

Last Updated: 17-Aug-17