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CLAS 3342 Livy (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

In the last two decades, the study of the Augustan historian Livy has undergone a renaissance. Once scorned as a dull compiler and apologist for the Augustan regime, Livy is now recognized not only as a masterful stylist but also as a subtle and challenging thinker. In this class, we will focus on his history of early Rome, reading portions of books 1 and 5 in Latin, and other selections from the first pentad in English. Major themes will include women, religion, and political power in the Ab Urbe Condita, the relationship between Livy’s work and the Augustan principate, Livy’s methods as a historian, and the larger, related problems of the character of ancient historiography and our knowledge of early Roman history generally.

Instructor(s): Kendra Eshleman

Prerequisites: None

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