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CLAS 3315 Homer: The Odyssey (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

Homer's Iliad is not only one of the world's great war poems, it is also the story of the quintessential epic hero, Achilles. We will read, in Greek, a selection of books (including 1,9, 16, 22, 24) that trace Achilles' trajectory through rage, grief, and empathy. We will discuss the questions raised by Achilles' relationships with his superiors, friends, family, and enemies: To whom is loyalty owed and are there limits to those obligations? What is the price of kleos and should one pay? Does war abrogate the laws that govern human conduct? We will also discuss some of the fundamental debates of Homeric scholarship including the history and composition of the texts, the effects of language and meter, and the place of epic in Greek literature.

Instructor(s): Hanne Eisenfeld

Prerequisites: Two years of Greek or the equivalent. Consult professor before registering.

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