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CLAS 2210 Roman Spectacles (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

Rome overflowed with spectacle: theatrical shows and gladiatorial combats, chariot races and military parades, animal hunts and funeral processions, ritual sacrifices and Christian martyrdoms. In this course we will explore what public spectacles looked like in Rome and why they were ubiquitous sights in the ancient world, paying special attention to: who produced public spectacles and what benefits they derived from them, tangible or otherwise; how spectators responded to and participated in such events; and how spectacular displays reinforced and/or challenged social norms and traditional values, both individually and for society at large. Students will have hands-on opportunities to reconstruct and perform select spectacles in order to reflect on the ancient and modern experience of spectacular public display.

Instructor(s): Christopher Polt

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with: HIST2207


Last Updated: 24-Jun-17