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CLAS 1166 Modern Greek Drama in English (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

The Greeks' love of theater did not end with the classical age. The course presents a survey of highlights of Modern Greek drama centering mainly on the twentieth century, with plays such as Tragedy-Comedy (N. Kazantzakis), The Courtyard of Miracles (I. Kambanellis), The City (L. Anagnostaki), The Wedding Band (D. Kehaides), and The Match (G. Maniotes). The discontinuity from the ancient Greek theater may be discussed, and a reading performance may be planned. The course is offered entirely in English, but provision may be made for reading the plays in Greek.

Instructor(s): Dia Philippides

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with: THTR3389


Last Updated: 24-Jun-17