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CHEM 4461 Biochemistry I (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

This course is a two-semester introductory-level course in biochemistry. Topics in the first semester concentrate on protein structure and function, bioenergetics, kinetics and mechanisms of enzyme reactions, intermediary metabolism, control of metabolic pathways, and photosynthesis. Topics in the second semester concentrate on the structure of nucleic acids, recombinant DNA technology, mechanisms of gene rearrangements, DNA replication, RNA synthesis and splicing, protein synthesis, control of gene expression, membrane transport, and hormone action. Experimental methods will also be discussed as they relate to course topics.

Instructor(s): Eranthie Weerapana

Prerequisites: BIOL2000 AND CHEM2231. BIOL2000; CHEM2231-2232 or equivalent.

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