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BSLW 1022 Law II--Business Law (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

The course complements BSLW1021, providing broad coverage of topics related to law in business. The content includes many subjects tested on the Business Law portion of the CPA examination including the Uniform Commercial Code law of contracts and sales, negotiable instruments, and secured transactions. The law of agency, various forms of business organizations including general and limited partnerships, corporations, and LLCs, as well as bankruptcy, real property, insurance, wills, trusts and estates, and accountants' liability are discussed.

Instructor(s): Richard Powers

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with:

Comments: Recommended for Accounting and Marketing students and for Prelaw students who are interested in a comprehensive overview of the law. Required for those taking the CPA Examination in New York and numerous other states.

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17