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BIOL 5400 Immunology (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course focuses on the regulation of immune responses at the molecular level. Topics include: regulation of B and T cell development, functions of B and T lymphocytes in the development of immune responses, generation of antibody and T cell receptor diversity, and antigen processing via MHC I and MHC II pathways. The course emphasizes modern experimental approaches, including the generation of transgenic mice, CRE-mediated conditional deletion, adoptive transfer strategies, and multiparameter FACS. Research literature is used extensively to cover current trends and advances in lymphocyte tolerance, T-regulatory cell function, Th1/Th2 cells, immune therapy, TLRs, and innate immune responses.

Instructor(s): Kenneth Williams

Prerequisites: BI200 and ONE of the following (BI304, BI305, BI315, BI414, BI440).

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