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BIOL 4520 Molecular & Cell Physiology of Exercise (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

The principal aim of this course is to explore the molecular and physiological changes that occur in humans through various forms of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The role of nutrition as an energy source will be discussed in detail, with particular emphasis on cellular metabolism. Energy transfer in the body and during rest and physical activity will be explored. A detailed study of the physiology of pulmonary, cardiovascular,nervous, muscular and endocrine systems will underscore the interrelationships of these systems during exercise. The practical application of diet and exercise as it pertains to weight maintenance and disease control will render a practical application to the course. Current research in the field will be presented weekly through student presentations.

Instructor(s): Danielle Taghian

Prerequisites: BIOL2000. BIOL 2000 and additional course work in molecular or cell biology. BIOL3030 and BIOL4350 recommended.

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