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ADSO 2501 Sociological Theories (Spring: 4 )

Course Description

Sociological theory explores many complex questions that people have pondered for centuries, including the nature of human interdependence and how it evolves, inequality and why it is tolerated, social change and how it occurs, and social order and how it is maintained. This course introduces students to the major thinkers, classic texts, and relevant theoretical questions that have been and continue to be central perspectives within sociology. Through examining both classic and contemporary schools of sociological thought, we explore the basis for many of the core questions, debates, and methodological approaches within the discipline of sociology. Attention is paid to social and intellectual contexts, conceptual frameworks and methods, and contributions to contemporary social analysis. Throughout this course, we will also consider the application of theory and how these emergent ideas are relevant for contemporary society and current sociological research.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): Rebekah Zincavage

Prerequisites: ADSO1001.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Prerequisite - Intro Sociology

Last Updated: 14-Sep-17