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ADPS 4187 Neuropsychology (Fall: 4 )

Course Description

This course in the Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology approaches the study of the human brain from two organizational perspectives: biological and behavioral. The first third of the course covers the fundamentals (history, evolution, genetics and epigenetics, anatomy physiology, pharmacology, and methodology). The second third covers fundamental brain systems including sensory and motor systems, which illustrate basic circuitry and neuronal computation. The final third covers higher order cortical functions including language, cognition, social cognition, and neuropsychiatric disorders including traumatic, degenerative, and developmental disorders. Neuropsychological function is illustrated liberally with relevant case studies. Assessment consists of three objective (not essay) exams including a comprehensive final.

Schedule: Periodically


Prerequisites: Must have completed Intro to Psychology and Developmental Psychology.

Cross listed with:

Comments: Prerequisites: Intro to Psych and Developmental Psych

Last Updated: 20-Aug-18