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ADPL 1500 Ethics (Fall: 4 )

Course Description

This course will look at ethics from a social and Christian perspective. This course provides an introduction to Christian ethical modes of reflection on contemporary issues that impact class, race and gender groups. These include issues of poverty/economic justice, First World/Two-Thirds World relations, racism and sexism. US citizens often identify themselves as religious persons, but less often do the hard work of connecting religious ethical traditions with social policies that impact relations among social groups. We may come up with different conclusions, but the unifying element in this course is our engagement in the difficult process of ethical discernment that is informed by both social theory (i.e., analysis of class, race and gender systems) and the Christian tradition (Catholic Social Teaching with its foundation in scripture, Thomistic ethics with its assumption that the world is defined and governed by objective moral laws, and church teaching which emanates from application of tradition and scripture to current ethical situations.) An integral component of this class is to be engaged with the world i.e., pay attention to issues in the world that could benefit from the application of the material being discussed in class.

Schedule: Biennially

Instructor(s): Evan Clarke

Prerequisites: None

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