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ADIT 3351 Computer Graphics (Fall/Spring/Summer: 3 )

Course Description

Discover the joy of computer graphics. Learn how to create your own multimedia greeting cards; customize and enhance digital photos; design and create animated music videos, enhance business presentations and reports.Using collaborative and immersive software, experiment with 3D technology by playing interactive games and exploring virtual reality worlds. With a focus on graphics for the Internet and the Web, students learn related terminology and concepts as they gain valuable hands-on skill. Presents a variety of graphics authoring tools, viewers, and formats while exploring fundamentals of two dimensional (2D) graphics, three dimensional (3D) graphics, Virtual Reality (VR), animation, games, interactive graphics, streaming media, and interactive television. Hands-on experience includes Photoshop, Flash, Shockwave, Powerpoint, YouTube, Virtual Worlds, Audio Whiteboard, Word, Media Player, QuickTime, IPIX, SVG, MPEG, MP3, and more.

Instructor(s): Aaron Walsh

Prerequisites: Prerequisite: Comfortable using Microsoft Windows.

Cross listed with:

Comments: An immersive education course. No auditors.

Last Updated: 24-Jun-17