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ADHA 7045 Health Analytics for Decision Making and Critiquing and Assessing Evidence (Fall: 4 )

Course Description

In today’s highly competitive healthcare environment, data-driven decision making is key to assuring quality, increasing access, and minimizing cost. In an industry focused on evidence-based practices, healthcare managers must be able to use analytic tools and methods to critically evaluate care and practice to better inform decisions. Tomorrow’s leaders must be able to make decisions based on research, evidence, and data to inform continuous improvement and innovation. The course will review data analysis principles and statistical analysis (e.g., probability, regression modeling, decision science, predictive forecasting, and time series analysis. Students will conduct data analyses and use results to make decisions. Students will focus on how to analyze and interpret data to optimize the decision-making process and assure evidence-based management practice.

Schedule: Periodically


Prerequisites: ADHA7000. ADHA7000.

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