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ADGR 8044 Leadership:Theory and Practice (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

Student must have access to computer with web-cam. Have you ever asked: what makes a great leader? If so, you join countless researchers and practitioners who have been trying to answer this for decades. Are leaders born? Are they bred? What distinguishes them? Course examines a number of theories, and provides a bedrock of leadership practice that can be readily transferred to many different organizations. Focus is on practical applications including an introduction to different leadership theories, case analysis, and hands-on experience with leadership instruments for both the individual and organizations. Course will require monitoring and posting to the virtual classroom on Canvas 2-3 days each week to submit work and engage in on-line discussion.


Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with: ADBM5005

Comments: ADBM5005 is restricted to students in the Management Certificate Program

Last Updated: 25-Aug-17