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ADGE 2500 Natural Disasters and Catastrophes (Fall: 4 )

Course Description

The course "Natural Disasters and Catastrophes" is global treatment of environmental history and science of natural and man-made disasters. The class presents basic science, along with detailed case studies of past and present events. The course examines a range of disasters including volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunami, fire, landslides, hurricanes, famines, pandemic diseases, meteorite impacts, and hurricanes. Class lectures and discussions will highlight the role of science in studying natural disasters and will describe the mechanisms responsible for these phenomena. Nightly readings will expand upon, and galvanize students' newfound knowledge using a range of case studies. Natural Disasters and Catastrophes traces the transition of our understanding of disasters from religious and superstitious explanations to contemporary scientific accounts.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): The Department

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17