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ADFA 3003 Ways of Seeing Iran and the Arab World (Fall: 4 )

Course Description

This course will familiarize the student with various "Ways of Seeing Iran and the Arab World". Highly interactive, the class is purposely expansive in its approach and based on Iranian contemporary art, contemporary art from the Arab world, and contemporary Western/Eastern views of Iran and the Arab world. Heavily based on images, we will touch on topics such as "Ways of Seeing" , the Iranian Revolution(s), the Arab Spring, women, wars, destruction and looting, refugees, immigration, exile, Islamic art, travelers' views, climate change, and the marginalized in order to expose you to different "ways of seeing" Iran and the Arab world. A primary focus of this class concerns the roles of seeing and perception, and as we explore each one of these topics, we will pay attention to our assumptions, what surprised us, the feelings generated, if there is any need to contribute to the topic and if any questions are raised that remain unanswered.

Schedule: Periodically


Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 25-Jul-17