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ADEN 5572 Techniques of Precise Expression (Spring/Summer: 3 )

Course Description

Since the art of communication prospers only when we fully realize the power of words, this coures is designed to expand your powers of expression, both written and verbal. We will explore what some great communicators (Lincoln, Churchill, William Faulkner, Martin Luther King, Joan Didion, John Updike, others) have to teach us about precise expression. We will also glean lessons from such contemporary sources as journalism (the daily newspaper), narrative nonfiction (magazines and books), arts criticsm (movies, music, theater), the advertising industry, and the blogosphere. A further goal of the course is to help students develop a large and vital vocabulary, and an understanding of usage, that will enable them to write and speak with precision.

Instructor(s): Don Aucoin

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17