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ADEC 2211 Intermediate Macroeconomics (Spring: 4 )

Course Description

Course presents a more in-depth and rigorous treatment of contemporary macroeconomics, as a journey spanning various milestones over the years and can be viewed as a natural successor to the Macro Principles course. Integrates economic theories and principles studied in class with current events and real-world examples to facilitate lively classroom discussions. Topics include introduction and measurement of macroeconomic data, inflation, unemployment, fundamentals of open economy, long run economic growth-theory and policy, theories of short run economic fluctuations (business cycles) namely; the IS-LM model (closed economy) and the Mundell-Fleming model (open economy), understanding the US monetary and financial system, and fiscal & monetary policy as stabilization tools.

Instructor(s): Rucha Bhate

Prerequisites: None

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-17