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AADS 4190 Decolonization and the Cold War in Africa (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

After decades of organizing and protest, African colonies began to gain independence from imperial rule in the late 1950s. Newly sovereign nation-states were born into a turbulent Cold War world, which both provided unprecedented opportunities for political experimentation and posed significant threats to young Third World countries. Caught in the middle of geopolitical contests between Western and communist powers, Africans strove to navigate these complex global dynamics while forging nation-building programs and continuing to support ongoing liberation struggles. This course reflects upon this era of political upheaval and transformation, focusing on case studies from across sub-Saharan Africa.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): Priya Lal

Prerequisites: History Core, Parts I and II.

Cross listed with: HIST4190

Comments: Fulfills Non-Western Requirement for History Majors

Last Updated: 13-Feb-18