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SOCY 1708 Growing Up Gendered: Socio-Cultural Perspectives onto Gender in Contemporary Society (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

To what extent is anatomy destiny? We discuss key concepts of sex vs. gender. We delve into the critical societal forces that normalize a gender binary “male” and “female.” We address biological, sociological and psychological frameworks that maintain the sex/gender binary across the life cycle (childhood through adulthood). How is our gendered identity constructed? What impacts do families, schools, the mass media and our social relationships on and off-line reinforce or challenge our gender identity? Our sexuality? How does our gender and sexual identity intersect with other dimensions of individual identity such as race, class, ethnicity and sexual preferences? We examine the cultural pressures on women to be slender and men to be muscular body and ways in which conformity to these body image ideals can lead to eating disorders and gendered violence. The class includes lectures, small group discussions, and group reflection projects.

Instructor(s): Sharlene Hesse-Biber

Prerequisites: None

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Comments: Core Renewal Course: Enduring Questions

Last Updated: 06-Jun-17