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SOCY 1501 Global Implications of Climate Change (Fall: 6 )

Course Description

Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time. Decisive and swift action to mitigate carbon emissions is needed in order to prevent catastrophic events and unhealthy environments for future generations. Societies worldwide will need to adapt to a new environmental reality. However, the causes, effects, and costs of climate change are not equally distributed, which raises questions about responsibility and justice. This course will encourage critical engagement with and personal reflection on these important issues, covering the science behind climate change, the use of different energy sources and their impact on carbon emissions, and the different roles of governments, businesses, religious communities, and individuals for enacting (and preventing) ambitious solutions to climate change.

Instructor(s): Brian Gareau and Tara Gareau

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with: EESC1501

Comments: Core Renewal Course:Complex Problems
Must also register for one of the Global Implications of Climate Change lab sections.

Last Updated: 05-May-15