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POLI 2613 Christian Political Thought (Fall: 3 )

Course Description

From an outlawed faith to the official religion to one of many in the "marketplace of ideas," Christianity has experienced the whole spectrum of possible Church-State relations and there are many different opinions concerning what the State ought to do about the Church. But what does the Church say ought to be done about the State? In this course, we begin with the Gospels and with the words of Jesus as they have been reported to us. We turn then to Augustine, the founder of Christian political philosophy and his most accomplished student, Thomas Aquinas, before moving to the titans of the Reformation, Martin Luther and John Calvin, as well as John Locke, who sought, among other things, to reconcile Christianity to what we might today call market economics. We will take a look at the backlash against this supposed reconciliation, as well as at the Christian basis of the civil rights movement as articulated by Martin Luther King, Jr. We conclude with contemporary authors.

Schedule: Periodically

Instructor(s): Matthew Berry

Prerequisites: None

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