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POLI 1274 The Problem of Law: Perspectives from Old Books, Modern Times, and Great Movies (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

Human beings have a complicated relationship with law, above all because while we want the law to do justice, justice is elusive at every level: for the individual, within any given political community, and among communities. It is a problem to establish law and a problem to maintain law; individual lawlessness, political revolution, and war are ever-present possibilities in human life. We will explore the problem of law in these three contexts with the help of works of fiction (literature, film) and works of philosophy and contemporary social science. Some authors will be old friends from the Honors Curriculum (Plato, Shakespeare, Camus) and some will take us into new territory (the modern Middle East), but in every case the concern will be to explore how these works illuminate the world the students are about to join.

Instructor(s): Alice Behnegar

Prerequisites: None

Cross listed with: HONR4941


Last Updated: 12-Sep-16