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MKTG 3258 Advanced Market Analysis (Spring: 3 )

Course Description

This course provides students with skills in configural thinking in examining alternative routes (causal recipes) to high-value outcomes such as marketing decisions to raise or lower price, and segmenting groups of consumers (e.g., who engages in frequent road rage, or profiling heavy gamblers in product and brand consumption). The software package, fsQCA (fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis) indicates configurations of among subsets of independent variables that result in high scores for a relevant outcome. Students work in-class on data analysis exercises to provide hands-on skills in using fsQCA. The method is useful for small and large datasets.

Instructor(s): Arch Woodside

Prerequisites: ECON1151. ECON 1151, SOCY 2200, MKTG 1021.

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